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The founders of our company are members of a family busy in trade since generations.
The family enterprise exists since 1980 and has been transformed to Euro-Niko LLC in 2000 after a significant expansion.

The company provides jobs for 25 people in one of the regions struck the most by unemployment.

Our activities embrace the purchase of collected original used textile in sacks, selection and cutting them to cleaning rags. The quantity processed per month is 450 – 500 tonns. Besides Hungary we sell our products mainly in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy in packages ranging from 10 kg to large bales of 400 kg.
Transportation is done by ourselves with our own 24 tons truck and several smaller lorries.

We keep on developing the company continuously. Soon our new shop will start to operate, where with help of a grinder we will process until now useless textile cuttings and synthetic material to useful raw material for the car industry as stuffing and for the sanitary industry to produce non woven textile and other products.

Our aim is to purchase, produce, sell and deliver as a reliable partner.
We hope we'll have you among our growing number of customers soon.

Sincerely yours

Ferenc Oláh