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wiping ragsMaking wiping rags out of used clothing and home textile is an ecologically friendly solution for recycling used textile otherwise cosidered to be disposed waste.

Torn or unwearable garments, worn home textile, that are already unsuitable for their original purpose, after removing the buttons and zippers, then cutting to appropriate size, are still well suitable to be used as industrial cleaning cloths.

From the garments and home textile bought primarily in Western-Europe, our company is producing about 600 tons of wiping rags in a month, that we sell mainly to Western-Europen companies as well as in Hugary, With our contracted partners, we are able to ship to even the farthermost parts of the world.

wiping rags delivery

Wiping rags are used in various fields; among the end users we can find companies from the printing and car industry, mechanic and maintenance workshops, bus and railway companies, freight forwarders, transport and shipping companies, as well as professional cleaning buisinesses.

Of course, different fields of usage have different requirements for wiping rags by means of quality and absorbant capability. Therefore we are offering multiple different quality wiping rags, in a variety of packaging according to customers needs, from 5kg, 10kg and 25kg pressed plastic bags to the 400-450kg press bales.
In limited quantity - beacuase it depends largely on the raw material - we can also offer wiping rags cut to exact size of 37x37cm, that we pack in cardboard boxes of 10kg.

For several fields of usage, it is extremely important to avoid any accidental damage to the machines while cleaned. In such case, with our conveyor belt systems equipped with metal decetor heads, we can guarantee that the wiping rags are free of metallic parts.